Friday, August 6, 2010

Bats In Our Belfry

Every summer we find a couple of bats in the same place on our house. They like to get into this little crevice where it is dark and hang out all day. We first discovered them last summer when my husband was outside with the blower. He turned it off and we heard this chattering noise. We went and looked and discovered two bats. We encouraged them to leave and tried to put a piece of foam up into the crevice to keep them from coming back. Worked for a while but it kept falling out. A few days ago I saw that they were back - so Honey went and got a bigger piece of foam but first we had to encourage them to leave again. He gently nudged them out with a long stick (we would never hurt them). They fly down to the ground - I guess to gather their wits - before they fly off to find another daytime hang out. But Honey was able to grab a quick photo while the bat was still sleepy. I wouldn't go near them! I was in the house!

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